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Result CIC's Marketing Associate Rob Martin talks about our new brand.

Have you ever wondered why we describe something as ‘brand new’?

The term goes back to the 16th Century and refers to something new from a fire, furnace or forge. Such items were known as ‘fire-new’ or ‘brand-new’ and it’s suspected that many such objects were used for livestock branding, hence the term. 

Over time, it has become how we describe something completely new and unused and, at the same time, ‘branding’ has developed into a way of creating an identity for an organisation, person or product.

So, as we approach our 11th birthday, we have something brand new to share with you.

A while ago, our Advisory panel expressed a desire to see the personality of Result CIC find greater expression within our brand. After a decade with the same look and feel, they felt it was time for a refresh. 

They were right.

We looked at our values, our personality, our communities, our team, our work and, crucially, our passion. Were these elements part of our existing brand identity?

As with all of the people we work with, we wanted to ensure that anyone supporting us to deliver a new brand held similar values to ours and we struck gold with an external consultant, the brilliant Jennifer Tegg of The Good Cause Project. She helped us to identify where our current brand was letting us down and what we might need to reflect in terms of values in any new brand.

At its heart, this came down to a desire to more accurately reflect the warmth, compassion and joy that the work we do engenders, whilst ensuring that our different communities see themselves represented within the way we communicate. 

Following a tender process we chose to work with the hugely talented Benjac Design who took our brief and then worked with us all to translate it into something truly delightful.

If everything goes according to plan, next month we’ll be sharing our new brand, hot out of the forge, with all of you. We hope that it reflects those values, our personality, our communities, our team, our work and our passion in an accessible, fun, friendly way which maintains high levels of professionalism but which expresses the love we have for the work that new do.

Let’s hope it continues to represent us well for many birthdays to come.

Watch this space.


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