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Training Programmes

Our training is person-centred and focuses on growth and development.

We use our own experience to create an open and safe learning environment where participants often feel able to disclose experiences and ideas they would often choose to withhold. Because our programme participants are normally able to share much more of their experiences than on standard programmes, this creates rich learning which multiplies the value of the formal input.

Real learning occurs when someone has the opportunity to thoroughly process a concept, technique or idea. Our facilitation promotes this.



The content of your programme is usually a matter of choice for you, the client. We are also happy to advise. There are no typical programmes but popular topics include:

- self-awareness and developing a stronger personal identity (can include specific work on being within a minority)
- personal styles and working effectively in a team or group with different styles
- assertive communication
- negotiating skills
- appropriate disclosure of your minority characteristics
- understanding, building and making the most of your networks.

Let's talk

We don't do 'off-the-shelf' training. We do like to get to know you and really understand your needs.

Building a training programme around you starts with a conversation.

Let's have a chat.

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