Equity, Diversity
and Inclusion

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EDI Training

What is involved in Equity Diversity and Inclusion Training? 

Our flexible training programme provides options including: 

  • Group workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Small-group coaching 
  • Action learning sessions

We can combine some or all of these elements to suit your training needs.

Why trust us?

We have a proven track record of successful EDI training with clients such as BBC North and Social Enterprise UK.

Take a look at some client feedback below.

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EDI Training Feedback

'The training provides powerful tools for managers who need it… giving them more confidence to talk to individuals. In the coaching session, I articulated a step-by-step approach for the process of change.’
MHCC Disability and Inclusion programme for Managers participant

‘A very interesting and productive two sessions – highly thought-provoking – which I hope to be able to put into practice.'
BBC North hiring manager ‘Reaching for the Best’ participant sessions.

'We cannot thank you enough for your amazing session today at Futures 2020.  Your own stories, your experiences, your visions and your thought-provoking exercises will remain with us all, I know.’ 
Manager, Social Enterprise UK

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