10 January 2023

Build your brand this year

A whiteboard with colours sticky fixers on which people have written their characteristics

(Photo: Rob Martin, from an Ideas Into Workshop, Manchester, 2022)

Jane considers the year ahead and how we can all usefully draw on our own inner entrepreneur.

Are you an entrepreneur? Most of you reading this will probably answer ‘no’. That slightly exotic-sounding word is not something we associate with ourselves. We are ‘just normal people’ right?

How about these questions:

  • Are you creative?
  • Do you have ideas which motivate you and give you purpose?
  • Can you see alternatives when one approach doesn’t work?
  • Do you tend to look beyond the obvious?
  • Do you love being able to control your own environment?

I suspect that more of you may nod in response to some of those questions. And they are at the heart of being an entrepreneur. At Result CIC we have met a lot of people who have started their own successful organisations and companies. Almost all of them talk with modest amazement about how they have managed this. What they all have in common is a spark that refuses to go out – something which pushes them to try, innovate, find ways around barriers and gradually build and get better.

But you don’t have to want to start your own business to benefit from this entrepreneurial spark.

Whether we like it or not, we all have a personal ‘brand’ – a reputation and style which others recognise. Building that brand involves unearthing your personal spark – what drives you and lets you draw on your strengths. When your main role in life – whether formal paid work or different – and your ‘personal brand’ is aligned, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when you can draw on your creativity and strengths every day, not as an exception. And when you do that, it can lead to an ‘upward spiral’, as you tend to draw more people to the positive energy you are giving out.

When better than the start of the year to do a personal review and check in with yourself? Why not try the exercise below?

Draw 2 large circles. One circle is you at your best. If you wish, write words inside the circle describing what you are good at and what motivates you. The second circle is the main role you currently perform. Show, by the level of overlap between the circles, how far the two coincide.

As you look at the diagram, see if it gives you any new insights. What is in ‘your’ circle but not in your primary role? What could you do about it – if you want to? How could you bring more of your strengths to what you do? Are there any changes you may need to consider?

Thinking of yourself as entrepreneur of your life may help you feel more in control in the current very challenging period. This is the type of approach with which a coach could support you. If you would like to talk further, get in touch.

Good luck developing your personal brand this year and we wish you your best possible 2023!

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