Coaching and Asperger's Syndrome


As you may know, Result CIC operates as a non-profit community interest company working with marginalised people. Since we started, we've held an Inclusion Fund which allows us to offer coaching to individuals who would not normally be able to access it.

Thanks to a generous donation from the wonderful charity, 500 Acts of Kindness, we have recently been coaching a remarkable young man, Jordan, who has Asperger's Syndrome. 500 Acts of Kindness is a fundraising group where 500 people donate £1 a week to support nominated people, families or organisations via a financial boost when they may need it most.

We asked Jordan if he'd share some of his thoughts on his coaching experience with Result CIC.

I’m Jordan, I’m mixed race from a background of English, Irish, Polish, and black Caribbean decent. I have lived with Asperger’s Syndrome for the last twenty-five years of my life.

I struggle with all aspects of what comes associated with the Asperger’s condition and here are a few that I’ve definitely tussled with: sensitive to noise, not being able to understand empathising and sympathising and communicating with others, social interactions. I struggle with taking things literally or too logically, getting easily frustrated and angry.

By having these coaching sessions, they have managed to positively change my perspective on the way I used to think about the world, those who’re around me and those who are complete strangers.

Coaching was offered to me and although I was very hesitant about it, I decided to engage with it. My coach herself was very experienced in her field of work and made me feel comfortable, making the sessions all about me, which I loved, not at all did I feel forced to divulge important and personal information nor did I feel judged by her. I felt she was here for my wellbeing and that she really cared about how I was feeling.

I never thought I was good at so many things before I had these sessions. Finding ways to tinker and experiment with my way of rethinking with a clear mind was very fascinating, and so this helped me to cope in my own chaotic version of the world.

Coaching helped me with getting rid of some negative thoughts, helped me with frustration, and helped me with distracting myself, especially as I had huge issues with social media and the negative feedback I would sometimes receive.

My confidence is so much better that I’m now over 40,000 words into writing my own book on Asperger’s and the autism spectrum. My issues with social media in the past are none existent.

I would very much recommend coaching to anyone and everyone who feels the pressures of the world becoming a bit too big for its boots. I will always treasure and appreciate the time, patience and effort gone into me making me enjoy life that much more.

Thank you Jordan.

If you are, or know, someone who would benefit from our Inclusion Fund, please get in touch.

You can join 500 Acts of Kindness and make a difference for just £1 per week. Find out more here.


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