15 April 2020

Do you need free coaching during the crisis?


If you are a healthcare professional, a care worker, someone delivering essential food or medicine at the forefront of the Covid-19 response, the right kind of coaching can help you.

Result CIC is offering free coaching sessions online or by phone to anyone supporting others during the health crisis.  All you need to do is call, or email us or use our online form here and tell us who you are, or who you want to refer. We will do the rest. 

We understand that workers at the frontline of Covid-19 may well be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and not in a place to be thinking about future goals.

If this is you, your focus is likely to be on getting through the next shift, or concerns about the impact of your job on your family, of feeling unsure about how best to support colleagues.

 Coaching offers a place for you to:

  • express your fears, worries and frustrations
  • be heard, non-judgmentally
  • be seen, with compassionate empathy
  • gain more clarity about your situation, new perspectives and insights, using the coach as a sounding board.

It can be easy to think, ‘I’m too busy or stressed to have coaching right now.’ And we know how those in the caring industries can habitually put the needs of others before their own. But by giving yourself some time to put your needs first, you can develop your resilience and clear-thinking. That means you will be a better ally to all of those around you now and in the long run. 

Recent feedback from people we coach suggests it has helped them:

  • feel more motivated
  • feel less stressed
  • get things in perspective
  • understand what they need to do to feel better.

If this sounds like what you need please get in touch.

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We are Result CIC, a community interest company. We work with people who feel marginalised or excluded to become more confident about their abilities and to fulfill their potential. We also work with Directors, Managers and CEOs who need support to bring about positive change in terms of diversity and inclusion in their organisations. We each have personal experience of the issues affecting the people we work to support, including disability, immigration, mental health and sexuality. We have also worked in senior positions in industry and government.

Our vision is a society where every individual can achieve their potential, feel fulfilled and make a valuable contribution. 

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