10 February 2022

Loving ourselves and others

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Hormoz asks why we only celebrate love for one day in the year.

We wrote a blog called ‘Do you love yourself? ’ 2 years ago, during the Valentine’s month of February. The timing of that blog was significant, in terms of what ensued; an unprecedented period of lockdowns and significant pressures on our lives, including how we may feel about the idea of ‘love’.

One of the things the pandemic highlighted is the empathy, compassion, and love that was essential for communities to feel better under the most challenging of circumstances. So, away with the emphasis of a ‘day of love’ (Valentine’s Day) to ‘needing to love’ all the time.

Some examples during lockdown are restaurants/pubs/citizens delivering food to older/disabled people who couldn’t access shops readily. An anonymous Spanish writer started a letter-writing scheme for those in isolation, and the list goes on. We can also mention Result CIC which provided free coaching to people working on the frontline. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget the 3 D printer designer who devised an open-source emergency ventilator. Lifesaving.

This takes us back to the idea of self-love being lifesaving too. The examination of our values, mindset, and strengths can guide us towards our true selves. Whether we ever fully get there is not the point maybe. It is the process and the continual development of ourselves and what is right for us that counts.

This is what coaching can do for you. Having the opportunity to ‘explore yourself’ with a listening, non - judgemental coach can increase your self-esteem and confidence. This can lead to making the right choices in life in general including your career. As well as loving yourself and others, achieving a career you love. This not only makes your life more fulfilling it leads to being a better person.

I will leave you with this, from 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi:

‘Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.'

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