25 March 2020

March news


Hormoz and Jane - pre social isolation!

So much has changed since we wrote about our activities in February. During that month, COVID-19 felt like it would restrict and change matters for us a bit. Now we are in a position of near total lockdown and almost everything seems to have changed. 

The situation has become more and more challenging for everyone as this month has gone on. 

However, earlier in the month we held the second and final workshop for the artists from DaDaFest. They explored:

  • assertiveness
  • their strengths
  • kindness to themselves
  • asking for help

The workshop ended with what many of them had said that they dreaded - networking. But once they realised that the topic was about what networks they already had and how to create new ones, they were relieved!

The workshop was very well received and we agreed that we would continue with the final face to face coaching sessions which are an important part of the programme. However, with social isolation, these will now be done by telephone or Skype. 

And just before further restrictions, we ran our second face to face half day workshop with managers within Liverpool John Moores University working with disabled staff. It was a very open and trusting environment which allowed for great sharing of experiences and robust discussion. 

As the month continued, face to face delivery of our workshops seemed less and less possible. We had already delivered a short workshop using Skype for the civil service DELTA leadership programme. Although not ideal, as Skype is a Web Conferencing tool rather than a Virtual Classroom (VC) platform, the session went well.

Since we did not have time to fully explore the VC option when the request was made to switch a full day delivery from face to face to virtual, Skype was used again. However, the full session was delivered successfully. We have 2 more coming up and are in the process of exploring the best option for VC delivery. 

The attendees commented on how the workshop had really boosted their morale by bringing them together, interacting and feeling ‘more normal’ under exceptional circumstances. Tomorrow, we will be delivering our first workshop using Zoom!

We have also started a new partnership with Paraorchestra & Friends which is very exciting for us. There are plans for the delivery of our longer programmes, once post Covid-19 'normality' returns further down the line. In the meantime, we are pleased to be offering monthly coaching sessions to Hannah Williams Walton who has been newly appointed to the role of Executive Producer. Congratulations Hannah!

Generally, and as we look forward, virtual delivery could really come to its own, allowing flexibility and numerous advantages which we will talk about in the future. Watch this space!

If virtual workshops are an area of interest to you or your organisation, please contact us.

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