15 September 2021

New look, new access

Result CIC homepage featuring access functions

Are you happy with your appearance?

How many people would say ‘no’? It’s easy to be self-critical, isn’t it? The range of filters we can now apply to our photos before posting them on social media is tempting. We can superficially improve how we look.

But have you ever thought that tools of that type could provide not just an aesthetic boost, but a vital way to be able to understand content online?

If you have a visual impairment or certain types of neurodiversity such as dyslexia or autism, you may find many websites confusing, off-putting, or downright inaccessible. Factors such as light, font size and colour can make all the difference.

Result CIC exists to support people who are marginalised. We, therefore, try to regularly evaluate what we do and how accessible it is. When we saw a demonstration of a new website tool which lets the visitor personalise their settings, we were immediately interested.

This new tool allows you as a visitor to our website to do the following things:

  • Change your font size.
  • Create more space between words and lines.
  • Choose the colour – from a full rainbow colour wheel – of your background and text.
  • Opt to have no colour – everything in black and white.
  • Place a virtual ‘ruler’ under text lines.
  • Choose a reading ‘mask’ which puts light on the line you want to read and shades the rest of the text.
  • Combine several of these factors to get the screen’s appearance just right for you.
  • Re-set it back to its standard appearance. 

We think this offers our website visitors better access, choices and a more personal experience. But don’t just take our word for it - go to the top right corner, click on the Settings ‘wheel’ tool and try it out for yourself.

We would welcome your feedback about this new access tool and how it may help you enjoy our website.

NDA 2015 Power 100 iLM

We are Result CIC, a community interest company. We work with people who feel marginalised or excluded to become more confident about their abilities and to fulfill their potential. We also work with Directors, Managers and CEOs who need support to bring about positive change in terms of diversity and inclusion in their organisations. We each have personal experience of the issues affecting the people we work to support, including disability, immigration, mental health and sexuality. We have also worked in senior positions in industry and government.

Our vision is a society where every individual can achieve their potential, feel fulfilled and make a valuable contribution. 

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