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Image: participants in Manchester Histories Festival's debate, including Jane Cordell.

August has traditionally been a quieter month in the world of training and coaching. This one was no exception, despite ongoing coaching clients.

It was instead a time of reflection and planning. We reported on these in blogs about our business development and the local Away Day last month.

September started with an immediately faster rhythm, which took us with it.

The month started with us taking part in the popular Manchester Histories Festival. We wrote about the festival and the workshop we were going to deliver here.

The workshop entitled ‘What is your place in history’ got participants to consider their own life stories (having first heard about pivotal moments and challenges in ours) and think about what aspects they would want to highlight in theirs. Furthermore, they were encouraged to think of one or more actions that they would want to take forward following the session.

We had a small but interactive group who gave us positive feedback about the session.

The next day, Jane joined a discussion panel chaired by the Health and Care Editor at Channel 4, Victoria MacDonald. The other panel members were one of our alumni and Result CIC supporter, Dr Hamied Haroon, Baroness Jane Campbell and activist, Anis Akhtar. The wide-ranging discussions considered issues from how disabled people had fared during the pandemic to disabled rights often overlooked by society at large - and more.

We have reported before that we joined a newly formed group of inclusive entrepreneurs. As part of this initiative, a brand new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) chaired by MP, Dr. Lisa Cameron has been created to ‘ensure that Parliament is fully informed on what is needed to create and sustain the most beneficial conditions for inclusive economic growth.’

We attended the first of the open meetings which show-cased the work of a couple of the members. There was also an opportunity to pose questions to the Chair, one of which was the following from us:

'Disabled entrepreneurs' access support is currently housed within the DWP rather than in BEIS (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy department), meaning it is associated with the raft of grants and benefits which that department handles. We are businesspeople adding value to the economy and society. We just happen to be disabled and have certain access requirements. All businesses have requirements and they receive significant support from BEIS. How can the APPG start to work effectively on getting our support transferred to the appropriate department - which is one of the best ways to encourage inclusive entrepreneurship to flourish?'

Lisa Cameron mentioned in her response that she can take this forward straight away.

We are now reaching the final stages of the delivery of our programme for senior disabled staff across the civil service - DELTA. It has been a rewarding experience with excellent feedback. We will start planning delivery for the next cohorts at the end of this month. Here is what one of the participants had to say:

'Like many have said, this is by far the best development package I've been part of for quite some time. The combination of excellent material, brilliant coaches and likeminded individuals who are genuinely interested and supportive, has come together brilliantly.  I really hope this mix can be maintained for future.'

Finally, Jane will be delivering a webinar with the Institute of Employability Professionals. This is a first for us to work with this important organisation whose purpose is to create and maintain inclusive employment opportunities. The topic is ‘Continual Professional Development through change’. The focus will be on developing personal and professional resilience.


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