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A Greater Manchester community interest company based in Salford has won a major contract to provide coaching and training to senior disabled staff for the Civil Service. 

Result CIC is a small, non-profit coaching and training organisation. It specialises in supporting marginalised people and leaders keen to enable their diverse staff to be ‘confidently different’ at work. Result CIC has previously worked with individuals living with Sickle Cell and HIV, as well as organisations such as the BBC, University of Manchester and the NHS.

Their work with the Civil Service, to be delivered over the next two years, will see them running a Leadership Development Programme for senior staff who are disabled. It supports the Civil Service’s ambition to attract and develop diverse talent from a wide range of backgrounds.

Staff on this cross Civil Service scheme are expected to compete for top roles in the future, up to and including Directors General and Permanent Secretary. Result CIC will work with participants to design and deliver tailored learning that reflects their specific development needs.

Directors Jane Cordell and Hormoz Ahmadzadeh have seen their company go from strength to strength since it was established in 2012.

Jane and Hormoz both run Result CIC and deliver its training, coaching and workshop activity, using freelance associates where necessary. Their previous high level professional experience - Jane worked for the Foreign Office and Hormoz has worked for Manchester Business School - combined with their lived experience of marginalisation, has seen their award-winning work achieve amazing outcomes including an average 40% increase across 9 major programmes in participants’ self-confidence and ability to use their skills.

In fact, publishing their Social Impact report in 2018 revealed that Result CIC’s participants gave them a recommendation rating of 100%.

As a non-profit organisation, Result CIC puts any profits back into the company. The organisation has set up an inclusion fund through which they offer coaching sessions free of charge for people who will benefit from such support but who are unable to finance it.

Originally a musician, Jane became deaf as an adult and went on to work in the Civil Service for 10 years, while Hormoz migrated to the UK, is part of the LGBT+ community and has lived experience of mental health issues. It is this lived experience which informs their work and which helped to make them the first choice for this prestigious contract.

Jane and Hormoz say of the contract:

Hormoz: ‘We presented at a conference in London organised by the National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (NADSN) as far back as a year ago, which was attended by the Cabinet Office lead for this work. Our presentation told the story about how we have worked with individuals in organisations to bring their fuller selves to work. A year on, we are delighted to be able to deliver this important leadership programme for the Civil Service.’

Jane: 'It has been a fantastic experience to be able to develop Result CIC as an effective social enterprise which draws positively on our combined experience of exclusion to empower others. To be given the opportunity to deliver our work across the Civil Service is an extraordinary privilege.'

Notes for editors

Jane Cordell and Hormoz Ahmadzadeh are available for interview. Please call 07516 518194 to arrange or email

Jane Cordell
Jane Cordell, a Director of Result CIC since 2013, has worked as a musician, lecturer, editor and social entrepreneur. She became deaf in early adulthood and was the first ever deaf person to work at her level in the British Diplomatic Service (2001-11) where she was Head of the Political Military and Press team in Warsaw, Poland for 4 years.

A Mancunian, Jane received an 'Our Manchester' award for business on behalf of Result CIC in 2017 and was made an Honorary Fellow of Liverpool John Moores University in 2018.

She has twice been cited as one of the top 100 most influential disabled people in the UK.

Hormoz Ahmadzadeh
Hormoz’s multi-faceted career has included education, marketing, sales, electronics engineer in oil exploration, importation and finally training and coaching.

His experience includes several years in business development as an executive and then manager.

During this time, he worked for global companies like 3M and in IT Training for New Horizons which are the largest franchised IT training company in the world. He was then head-hunted to work at Manchester Business Worldwide as their Corporate Development Manager, helping establish a new centre in Dubai amongst other responsibilities.

In the last 10 years he has been delivering personal development workshops to managers and leaders in the private sector as a freelance facilitator. He also established his own coaching and training business and was the co-founder of Result CIC with Director Emeritus Andy Hilton, 7 years ago.

In 2019 he has become a trustee of 42nd Street, a charity working with children and young people living with mental health issues aged 11-25.

Photographs of Jane and Hormoz are available for download here.


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