Summer Update


Result CIC has been involved in several new projects and activities since our last update. We thrive on partnerships and love the opportunity to explore new ways of working. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss your, or your organisation’s ideas with us.

Coaching support for people living with HIV  

We have previously reported that Result CIC was successful in obtaining the National Lottery’s Community Fund support to offer 1:1 coaching support to people living with HIV. This project is being led by Director Emeritus, Andy Hilton who has a great deal of experience in this area. Partnering with George House Trust Result CIC will provide up to 15 clients with 6 coaching sessions to help them increase their confidence and develop clear goals and action plans to achieve them.


Disabled artists and mentors: DaDaFest

Result CIC has been delighted to be able to partner with Liverpool-based DaDaFest which works to develop the potential of disabled artists and arts leaders and managers. We have provided:

  • Training for mentors of emerging artists
  • Coaching for emerging disabled leaders
  • Workshops for artists about confident presenting to panels.

The response to all the projects has been extremely positive. One of the workshop participants described it as ‘an amazing opportunity’. Young artist, Chrissy Carol Jones from Proud and Loud Arts tweeted ‘Really enjoyed my coaching and would recommend to others’.


Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC)

We have been privileged to be chosen through tendering processes to carry out two new programmes for MHCC:

  • Civility at work for managers
  • Equality Impact Assessment champions for Manchester neighbourhood health leads.

Both these new pieces of work have stretched us – in a good way!

The concept of dignity and civility at work is a new area for us. When we started to explore the ideas, we realised that they definitely need to be present to underpin staff who can be fully themselves at work – a concept Result CIC advocates. Our approach has been person-centred, encouraging managers on the programme to explore their own response to sensitive discussions and how they can increase their confidence in having more open conversations with colleagues and teams.

For the series of 7 one-day workshops, we are partnering with experienced public speaker, Andy Walker MBE. Andy provides his unique take on the issue of dignity and civility and brings his skills as a professional actor to the role plays we undertake with participants. 

As we go to press we have delivered 3 of the 7 workshops. In their feedback, participants have described the days as ‘thought-provoking’, ‘interesting’ and ‘enjoyable’. One person said ‘I feel that I have been given licence to lead by example and to create the conditions for psychological safety.’

For the Equality Impact Assessment Champions we were presented with the challenge of achieving a substantial amount in one workshop:

  • Supporting 12 Manchester neighbourhood health leads to take on board and make positive use of the new EIA mechanism
  • Collect direct feedback from the participants to inspire others – enabling them to act as champions for equality and inclusion. 
  • Support each participant to be able to develop a personal plan for their own neighbourhood.

We decided to provide a mixture of facilitated small-group discussions, based on the participants’ own experiences, 1:1 coaching with 4 coach-facilitators present and a plenary final session.

Here is what a couple of participants said about the day:

‘Really helpful in terms of process. Practical session – implementation using the equality framework  and how we move things forward.’

‘Literally going to change me – the way we work. Now it’s our responsibility.’


Workshop at ‘Uncovering the hidden voices’ conference: National Association of Disabled Staff Networks and LGBT+ Network of Networks in Higher Education

We were excited to be selected to give a workshop at this ground-breaking conference on ‘intersectionality’.

Having a combination of protected, minority characteristics: for more on this topic, see
Hormoz’s blog.

Our workshop focused, as ever, on the participants. In a full-action session (!) we encouraged them to explore their identity, their strengths, the barriers they may face (and the source of those barriers- sometimes we can help create them without realising it) and how they could use their strengths to help break down and overcome the barriers.

It was a vibrant and fascinating day with contributions from a wide range of experienced speakers and facilitators. We went away pondering a whole set of new ideas …. so watch this space!

Looking ahead: supporting the Civil Service’s disabled future leaders

You may have seen our news item in July about a new programme we will be running for Cabinet Office to support disabled civil servants who are on the Futures Leaders Scheme. The main programme will start in 2020 and we are delighted that we will be able to meet participants this autumn to start shaping it to ensure it meets their requirements as effectively as possible. We are particularly looking forward to working with such a diverse group, which will be drawn from all government departments and agencies.

That’s TV, Manchester invited us to have an interview with them about this new work. We've asked them to caption the video before we share it.


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