Disability Empowers Leadership TAlent is a programme for high-grade Civil Servants who are disabled or who have long-term health conditions. It is the brainchild of Charlotte Hart of the Leadership College for Government. This innovative and powerful programme runs alongside the Future Leadership Scheme (FLS) and the Accelerated Development Scheme (ADS).  

Our work with DELTA

'Delta has helped me understand more about who I am as a leader and as a person. I’m beginning to recognise that I have intrinsic value, that not everything is my fault, and that I’m more than my disability. Delta really is a great programme and highly recommended.'

DELTA is the largest programme that Result has worked on, running annually from 2019. The main aim of the programme is to create an environment where employees can grow, learn, and develop their leadership skills to contribute more effectively to their organisation's success, with an emphasis on supporting and improving EDI strategies to ensure that people feel included and valued.

By August 2023 over 120 civil servants had taken part in the programme. It offers four full-day workshops and four individual coaching sessions as well as specialist internal support from the Leadership College for Government. All of Result's DELTA workshop facilitators and coaches have lived experience of disability or a long-term health condition themselves. 

DELTA graduates have experienced a range of positive outcomes from the programme including promotion, career progression, improved physical and mental health and reduced isolation as disabled civil servants with a stronger greater sense of being part of a supportive network of colleagues. 

'Empathetic, understanding and experienced facilitators (and organizers) really helped the day flow in terms of providing guidance, teaching and also challenge.'

'It was reassuring to feel ‘normal’. It was really good to reflect on the models of disability and how I have encountered them and project them myself on a daily basis.'


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