Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit


 offers high-quality, free legal immigration advice, representation and support services to people seeking asylum, refugees, children and vulnerable adults.

The organisation also works to influence local and national policy on immigration.

Our work with GMIAU

We designed a programme to enhance support to a group of recently settled people who were experiencing difficulties orientating to life in the UK and who wanted to regain some of their former confidence and skills. This group would traditionally be viewed as ‘hard to reach’ because of barriers such as language and cultural differences. 

We planned a series of coaching and awareness training sessions to help participants focus on their capabilities and strengths in order to develop more skills and networks for what they wished to achieve going forward.

Coaching and 1:1 support was provided to groups of up to 20 attendees. We also offered support to volunteers at GMIAU who had been developing the programme.  

‘I feel trusted.’

‘I feel better about speaking out about my experience.’

‘This was good for giving us courage.’

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