Salford CVS

About Salford CVS

This is a city-wide infrastructure organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. It provides specialist information, advice, development support and opportunities for collaboration. It also provides support for organisations to establish and develop including training for their staff, volunteers and trustees.

In 2019 it celebrated 100 years since its creation – a century of ‘Making a Difference in Salford’.

Our work with Salford CVS

In 2016, we developed a bespoke staff training and coaching programme for Salford CVS, designed to enable participants to increase their potential and understand better their personal strengths and their goals. The programme consisted of a 90-minute introductory workshop for eight staff, plus individual coaching sessions.

Then, in 2022-23, we provided coaching and leadership development for Salford Disabled and Deaf people’s organisations who are members of Salford CVS. This pilot project offered 1:1 coaching by professional coaches who themselves live with a disability or deafness. 

Feedback from the leaders about their coaching was very positive. They found the coaching empowering and notably, during the coaching period, two of the participants were voted into senior leadership positions. Partly as the result of commitment and engagement to the coaching process, one of the participants – who is deafblind – was able to fundraise to obtain vital IT equipment needed to be able to fulfil his leadership role.

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