I am the co-founder and co-director of Result. As a coach and training facilitator for over 13 years, I love watching people develop as we work to get to the core of who they really are.

As a former refugee, I have used my own experiences of dealing with racism, as well as coming to terms with my sexuality and my own mental health issues following a breakdown back in 1999, to inform my work. All these experiences, as well as my varied careers, have given me empathy for the lives of others and the challenges they are faced with. The challenges facing the people I work with, and their issues, are both familiar and the common resilience, astounding!

I am a trustee of 42nd Street and DaDa. The areas of mental health, as well as disability and the arts are very important to me and I feel that contributing towards how such organisations are governed sit well with my values.

I have always felt different, never part of the 'normal' majority. However, it wasn't until my breakdown, the self-examination and personal development which followed, that I got to the core of me and felt confidently different.


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