I coach leaders and managers to support their personal development needs and to address potential barriers specific to disability.

I have built my adaptability and learning through working for myself for more than 20 years. I really enjoy working across sectors from manufacturing, local and national government to not-for-profits, universities, the cultural sector and international development. I have also had the opportunity to work internationally in Namibia where I worked for three years, and also I have worked in China, Pakistan, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. All of my work comes through recommendation and referral, and I am proud to have built a professional profile through the trusting relationships that I build with my clients.

All of my work as a people specialist is bespoke to the organisation and individual's needs. I like to design and co-create the input with the clients. I build strengths and the engagement of managers and teams, supporting them to build trusting relationships for a positive and productive working environment. Depending on their needs my role may be a: Facilitator, Mentor, Executive/Leadership/Team Coach, Mediator, or Interactive Trainer. 

My people skills were moulded by my Mum, an entrepreneur from Toxteth, Liverpool. Her adaptability came to the fore when she was registered blind. We learned and adapted together, to heighten our senses and sensibilities for resilience and independence. My self-esteem and purpose were enhanced in my forties through my dyslexia assessment. In childhood challenges with reading and writing were further restricted by Initial Teaching Alphabet (ITA), a phonetic alphabet of 44 sounds of spoken English. A 60’s experiment with ITA reading books, and phonetics based on ‘Received Pronunciation’! So, my scouse accent created a further barrier! 

All these insights now contribute to me feeling confidently different.


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