I co-direct and develop Result. I am a coach and facilitator and design programmes which provide what our clients and programme participants need to progress and thrive.  

I am an orchestral musician who became profoundly deaf in my mid-twenties. Partly in response to my disability and some employment discrimination, I have changed career several times, working in teaching/training, educational editing, diplomacy and coaching in a social enterprise context.

I have leadership experience on several Boards, including chairing DaDaFest and, from September 2023, the Arts Marketing Association.

I love collaborating, working creatively and listening and learning from others.

I became confidently different through my experience of exclusion as a Northern state-educated woman who went to a male-dominated elite university and worked in similar workplaces. As a deaf professional requiring communication support, I needed to develop powerful personal resilience and a wide range of strategies for handling uncertainty and building confidence. I love working with people to discover who truly are and find their own best strategies to make the most of this.


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