I have enjoyed working as an associate with Result CIC since 2019, and in that time have co-delivered a number of different training programmes, including Level Best, Delta and Dignity at Work, as well as offering one-to-one coaching to participants taking part in these programmes. I supported Jane on the facilitation of an Equality Improvement Plan for Salford NHS and will be working with Hormoz on the delivery of the Step Change programme in 2023. I have also enjoyed working with several coaching clients through the Inclusion Fund. 

I am an ICF PCC Accredited coach with ten years of experience in the coaching field. I spent five years coaching in prisons and have spent the last five years working as a mental health coach in different organisations. I also worked extensively with GPs and Practice Managers at risk of leaving the NHS. I am trained as a team coach and group coach, and have run Mastermind groups and a Mentoring Programme for other coaches. I have written a free e-book: Six Signs That You’re Hard on Yourself (and three ways to break the habit) which is available on my website. I have also co-authored the book: Seven Creative Gremlins, which is available at Amazon.

Prior to coaching, I spent ten years working in community development. As part of this role, I co-created a Community Reporter programme that I delivered to various different communities across the UK and Europe, giving a voice to marginalised groups and empowering representation through the development of a European Network of Community Reporters.

I have served on the Board of Trustees for Manchester Mind since 2019. Alongside my core duties, I have also been involved in a number of side projects including the development of the organisational strategy, and a trustee recruitment programme aimed at increasing board diversity.

I have lived with mental health challenges my whole life; in fact, my career development is inextricably linked to my personal development. The journey that I’ve been on to find more peace and equilibrium in my own life has shaped the choices that led me into community development (developing and empowering groups) and then into coaching (developing and empowering individuals). My struggles and challenges have made me who I am, and have led me to a vocation that I love. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I am proud to be ‘confidently different.’


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