I have been working as a mindset coach with Result's Inclusion Fund. I've been empowering clients from marginalised communities by helping them to gain clarity in their thoughts and take charge of their lives.

I bring a range of corporate world skills to my coaching practice. I specialise in empowering clients to achieve their full potential by facilitating self-awareness and self-reflection to help them reframe their thoughts to affect their emotions and behaviours positively. In addition to excellent communication and training skills, I am competent in delivering workshops and training. As a coach who has an LGBT background, I assist clients in navigating the complexities of shame, homophobia, and self-acceptance through effective empathic self - communication and reframing negative thinking patterns. I am compassionate, fun to work with, and dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community through empowerment and empathy. I have a track record of successfully helping my clients.

What makes me confidently different is my unique approach to helping people. I have the ability to build up a rapport quickly and allow people to feel at ease. I create a safe and supportive environment where my clients can explore their thoughts and emotions. However, I am not scared to challenge clients to help them grow their mindsets. I use this safe space to help them uncover their inner strength and resilience ultimately leading my clients towards achieving their fullest potential.



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