Training and Coaching for LGBT+ People 

Writer and performer Nathaniel Hall, who has had coaching from Result CIC. Photo by Andrew Perry.

If you identify as an LGBT+ individual or you're an organisation looking for support around coaching with LGBT+ people, Result CIC can help.

We recognise that marginalisation is often intersectional and that’s why we frame approaches to coaching around specific requirements and needs. Our programmes are adaptable to ensure that what we do together has a positive impact.

We also promote the value of lived experience and, within our current Result CIC team, 50% identify as being part of LGBT+ communities.

As experienced coaches, we bring an ethos to all our work of ‘ask, don’t tell’. We believe that you know the best approach for yourself and our job is to bring that out.

Possible themes explored in LGBT+ coaching include:

  • Identity and labels
  • How do I see myself and how others see me – perceptions vs reality?
  • Limiting beliefs given to us by society and family
  • My sexuality as part of beingt he authentic me
  • Learning from a history of resilience and pride

What are the benefits?

Though there is no ‘typical’ content, our programmes will often help to boost skills in the following areas:

  • self-confidence and self-belief
  • identity as an LGBT+ person
  • personal styles and adapting to others
  • personal strengths (including those developed as an LGBT+ individual)
  • assertive communication and getting our messages across
  • asking for help
  • making best use of our contacts

Read more about Result CIC and LGBT+ communities, including our programme with Manchester's LGBT Foundation, here.

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We are Result CIC, a community interest company. We work with people who feel marginalised or excluded to become more confident about their abilities and to fulfill their potential. We also work with Directors, Managers and CEOs who need support to bring about positive change in terms of diversity and inclusion in their organisations. We each have personal experience of the issues affecting the people we work to support, including disability, immigration, mental health and sexuality. We have also worked in senior positions in industry and government.

Our vision is a society where every individual can achieve their potential, feel fulfilled and make a valuable contribution. 

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