6 September 2017

Get lost in a good read


A conversation between Jane and Hormoz

Jane: Books are like friends to me. I love reading so much, it’s hard to choose favourites!

Hormoz: I agree! But I think there are some that stand out.

Jane: True. I started reading ‘how to’ non-fiction in my thirties when I was coping with a lot of big changes in my life – a lot of loss. I found some books really useful.

Hormoz: Yes, sometimes reading the right book at the right time can really make a difference. For me Carol Dweck’s 'Mindset' was such a book. It made me think about how I had changed from a fixed to a growth mindset. I realised that by reinforcing the growth mindset I could achieve so much more within both my personal life and career.

Jane: I must read that book! I have seen you present mindset many times so feel I partly know the book, but you have reminded me I need to read it!

Hormoz: Is there one book which stands out for you?

Jane: Yes – Nancy Kline’s ‘Time to think’ about how to create what the author calls a ‘thinking environment’. Her ideas are simple but radically change how people communicate and respect one another. If you adopt her ideas, you shift relationships radically, making time and space for people to develop their own thinking.

Hormoz: Yes- that is one of my favourites too. Like you say, what I like about it is allowing people the chance to consider their thinking with more time and hence coming up with their own answers rather than enforced suggestions from others.

Jane: I think Nancy Kline bases a lot of her ideas on coaching principles about listening actively and well – and supporting people’s thinking with good questions, not directing, or rushing.

Hormoz: Yes. Is there any other book which has helped you a lot?

Jane: Yes. Brené Brown’s ‘Daring Greatly’ took me by storm. As with Nancy Kline’s book, its ideas made sense of a lot of instinctive thoughts I have had about how people interact, use emotion and (often unintentionally) shame and hurt each other. Brown’s principle turns conventional thinking on its head. She says that vulnerability- being ready to make yourself vulnerable is a strength.

Hormoz: I feel a bit like you do about the Dweck book – I need to read ‘Daring Greatly’! I have however watched some of Brown’s TED Talks and was really inspired by them. That statement about showing vulnerability made me do it more and more and with very positive outcomes. It felt like I was somehow being more human!

Jane: There are so many great books out there – and so little time!


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