Resilience beyond crisis for migrants and refugees: new project


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We are delighted to announce that the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund, has awarded Result CIC a grant to enable us to work with 12 social leaders in the migration and refugee sector.

In partnership with the Lived Experience Movement (LEx Move), we will provide group workshops and individual coaching sessions for people with lived experience of migrating to the UK and being refugees themselves. Our work will focus on increasing their confidence and capacity to support their community through and beyond the current epidemic.

People who have migrated to the UK are disproportionately affected by the Covid-19. Many report social isolation and limited, if any, access to support to help them lead their communities through the crisis. Our project aims to help address this.

Result CIC ran a programme in 2015 for Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU). We plan to build on what we learned by running that project.

Result CIC Director, Hormoz Ahmadzadeh has his own experience of being a refugee in the UK. One of his coaching clients, Chinnar Najib, wrote about her own experience for Refugee week this year.

A big thank you to the funders for the opportunity to carry out this vital work. We are looking forward to getting started and will report on progress.


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