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About George House Trust

This Manchester-based organisation has been providing support and services since 1985 to people living with HIV.

Via The Big Lottery Fund, we worked with GHT to provide three programmes between 2013-2019. Within that period we provided group workshops, face-to-face, telephone and online coaching sessions to 58 people living with HIV.

The three projects are outlined below:

Project 1: 2013-2014
This project concentrated on 24 people living with HIV who felt isolated, particularly those who lived in rural communities where access to support was limited. We used telephone coaching to achieve this. 

Project 2: 2015-2018
Being Positive focussed on enabling 24 attendees to think about their current situation and to make realistic plans for their future, via 1:1 coaching. 

Project 3: 2019
In the Coaching for Change programme, we worked with a group of 10 people recently diagnosed as HIV+ who were re-assessing their life choices and possibilities. People who were long-term unemployed or under-employed were encouraged to apply so that the project could support their return to employment that suited their needs. We delivered this programme via a series of group workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions.

‘Before we started everything was negative. Now I’m looking at everything with a positive mind.’

‘I found out about a range of opportunities for me to break habits that I felt were not good for my wellbeing.’

‘I regained my self-confidence.’ 

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