16 January 2017

One Positive Thought


Monday 16th January marks the 17th Blue Monday. Whilst it may be a useful reminder of the challenges of living with mental health issues, organisations such as Mind and the Samaritans know that depression is not confined to 24 hours.

Even so, it seems like an appropriate day for Result CIC to launch our campaign encouraging the notion of 'one positive thought'.

The idea of a ‘gratitude diary’ to promote a more positive mindset is not new. At a recent workshop at the University of Manchester, following a discussion about positive thinking, the idea of #1positivethought came about when one of the participants said that, not having the time to keep a diary, she tries to write down one positive thing which has happened in her day. In doing so, she found herself searching for the good within her life and not the negative. In time, one positive thought a day built up to a list of good feelings and positive action.

That got us thinking.

Result CIC would like to spread that idea. We'll be encouraging all participants in our future workshops and coaching sessions to adopt #1positivethought and post via their own social media just one good thing, one happy thought, one action which felt good. If people can get to one per day, that's a positive place to be.

Result CIC Director Hormoz Ahmadzadeh says:

‘Positive thinking really helped me when I had a breakdown 16 years ago. People dealing with mental health issues, with long term illness or disability, or who are simply going through a bad time, can quite easily get bogged down by negative feelings or reactions. This can spiral, taking the pleasure out of daily living, so that it becomes hard to recognise the good that's there as well.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we control our thoughts, rather than them controlling us. By setting a positive 'filter' even once a day, asking yourself 'What was good today'?, you can start shifting your mindset.’

And it doesn't stop there. By making yourself think one positive thought per day, you may find your habits change. After a while, one becomes many.

Let's get the idea that #1positivethought can make a difference. Join us on Twitter and start posting your #1positivethought daily.

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