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Celebrating 100 years of women's right to vote

Preparing to give a speech
20 February 2018

Jane Cordell meets Dr Hamied Haroon, Research Associate in Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) at the University of Manchester

Learning BSL at Result CIC
12 February 2018

We're learning to communicate better

An inspirational day celebrating the achievements of disabled staff 

If truth be told...
24 January 2018

Watch Hans Rosling turn your ideas around about the way the world is heading

No time? No problem! Coaching that fits into your schedule

Let's talk about sex
22 January 2018

LGBT History Month is back

How can a positive mindset let you enjoy yourself more in 2018?

A great end to the year
22 December 2017
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NDA 2015 Power 100 iLM

Result CIC works with charities and social enterprises to offer low cost coaching and training to inspire their clients to work on the beliefs which are stopping them going forward in life. Result CIC is dedicated to reaching members of the community who do not normally have the opportunity to receive such training and coaching.  

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