23 November 2017

3 December - Time to Celebrate


2017 has not been an easy year.

In the UK, division and inequality have become even starker. One group at the sharp end of the resource cuts and negative press is people with disabilities. 

The UN’s report in August 2017 into the UK meeting its obligations under the Convention on the Rights of People with disabilities was uncompromising in its language: the UK is failing disabled people and putting them at risk.

When, as disabled people, our basic rights and dignity are being undermined we may feel despair. When we lose two giants of the disability rights movement, such as Lorraine Gradwell and Sir Bert Massie, we can feel lonely and as if we lack the inspiration and depth of experience which they brought.

Result CIC had the honour and pleasure of working with both Lorraine and Bert. They provided formative contacts, support and encouragement to us as an organization. While they would have understood, and recognized, the pressure disabled people feel under, we suspect that Lorraine and Bert would have said ‘Get over yourself! See what you can do. Look at where you can have positive impact. And keep going!’. ’ And they would be right (as usual!).

Bringing about social change, challenging the status quo never was – and never is –straightforward. Often tenacity and remaining calm – the ‘boring’ ability to keep going in the face of adversity is most important.

This is why it is even more important to make the most of opportunities to celebrate. Since 1992 December 3rd has been International Day of People with Disabilities. The UN has designated the day to focus on ‘a future with great inclusion’and ‘building on a more inclusive and equitable world for people with disabilities.

’Here in the North West of England there will be a special event to celebrate. One of Result CIC’s very own advisors, Jackie Driver, will be giving the William Rushton lecture at the Museum of Liverpool, focusing particularly on Lorraine and Bert’s contributions and their powerful legacy. There will be a panel of experienced activists co-ordinated by Councillor Pam Thomas discussing the questions raised. What better way to celebrate?

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