28 November 2018

Autumn news


Image: Staff at LJMU

So much happens in the autumn, especially in October and November, before the Christmas rush! Similar to the music world where a lot of bands tour in those two months, we either started or ended with the programmes that we have been commissioned to deliver.

On the day that we delivered the last workshop for the final group of managers of disabled staff within the NHS (through MHCC), we also held a certificate giving event for University of Manchester (UoM) disabled staff who completed our Achieving your Potential programme. More about that later.

The response to the MHCC programme was immensely positive. Following full report which was produced about the pilot, a meeting was held with the commissioners who have asked us to facilitate a further 2 hour session to capture how learning has been put into practice and to spread the word further for more delivery in 2019.

Back to the UoM where our event was spear-headed by the delightful Ravi Thornton who surprised some with the different and deeper way that an area like mental health can be approached by using a mix of unusual methods to create a strong narrative. Look further at ziggyswish.com

We finally started our programme with UoM BAME staff in October and continued in November as well. The group came together and bonded so incredibly quickly and closely that it took our breaths away! For this to happen to a group of individuals from highly differing ages, backgrounds and experiences was incredible to watch. We finish the programme with them next month and will therefore report further on their progress.

In November, Jane was also invited to deliver a talk to law students at the University of Leeds. Of particular interest was her story and the case that she brought up with the support of the European Human Rights Commission to sue her employers (the Foreign Office) for not giving a promotion (offered and then rescinded) to her.

The students were highly engaged and Jane was impressed by how they approached the practicalities of bringing disability discrimination cases forward.

Finally, we had to say goodbye to the fantastic group of disabled staff from LJMU (Liverpool John Moores University) with whom we started in September. It was a sad occasion! As reported, the group had opened up on day 1 and they carried on from there. They not only made huge strides in personal development but they also created the strongest seeming network we have witnessed! We are looking forward to seeing most of them on the 3rd of December on the International Day of Disability when LJMU have Liz Sayce doing a talk there and we will be presenting well deserved certificates to the group. Get more information here.

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