14 November 2019

Result CIC: Making a Difference


Catherine Millan tells us about how attending a Result CIC programme has had an impact on her life. 

"I am the student recruitment and widening participation co-ordinator for Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) students at the University of Manchester and at the Race Relations Resource Centre. 

I am part of the BAME staff network at the University and we were emailed about the Result CIC programme. The description appealed to me as it centred around self-confidence, improvement and motivation. I felt that it would be good to be in an environment with other BAME staff with similar experiences and maybe struggles. 

I felt that it would give me an opportunity to look at my skills and tools to enable me reach my potential. Also a focus on race and identity.

From a personal point of view I gained a real boost in my confidence. Before attending the programme I was saying ‘yes’ to everything and spreading myself thin. I lacked a level of self-worth and didn’t know how to take my skills in the right direction. 

Identifying as black, female, disabled and gay I experienced a lot of barriers in my life. The course and coaching has given me the confidence not to see any of these as barriers and to see myself as just Catherine. They are parts of me which make me who I am.

This confidence has enabled me to go forward professionally with things I want to do and achieve in work.

The programme/coaching also gave me the confidence to ask for a regrade by recognising my value and the level I deserve to be at. My regrading was successful and I have been more confident in meetings with senior managers. 

My work and I have also been recognised. I won Newcomer of the Year award in the ‘Student Experiences Award’ and a project I led, Diversity Champions, won in the ‘Making a Difference’ Awards for outstanding contribution for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

The programme was the foundation of all this success! Because especially as a black person in this University enabled me to step up on that platform we deserve to be on. I feel I can take the BAME programme to the next level, confident in myself and the team, so it will be successful."

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Result CIC works with charities and social enterprises to offer low cost coaching and training to inspire their clients to work on the beliefs which are stopping them going forward in life. Result CIC is dedicated to reaching members of the community who do not normally have the opportunity to receive such training and coaching.  

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