31 January 2019

Diversity champions


Keeping in touch with alumni of the programmes we have delivered is always a pleasure. So it was really good to be invited to an event by one of the BAME class of 2018 at University of Manchester (UoM), who was a participant on our ‘Achieving your Potential’ programme.

The event on the 23rd of January at the UoM, was the culmination and celebration of a ‘Diversity Champions’ project spearheaded by one of the alumni, Catherine Millan. Known for her drive, great ideas and big hair,(!) it was wonderful to see her recognised for her efforts on this more unusual project for the university to support. Importantly, it was excellent to hear about the growth and achievements of the 11 young people who were part of this project.

Influenced by the aftermath of the bomb at the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena, which resulted in the increase of hate crime, the young people were encouraged to understand first hand some of the root causes of human behaviour which can result in hatred and intolerance. They got involved in this year-long project to meet with different organisations like The Proud Trust, ADHD Foundation, Peace Foundation and Learning from the Righteous. The purpose of these meetings and workshops was to educate them further and for them to become diversity champions n their schools and colleges.

They were also given the opportunity to go to Poland, visit the German Concentration camp in Auschwitz and on their return give presentations about their experiences at their schools.

The young people talked about some of their reflections on the overall experience at the event and they showed a very well-crafted and moving video which captures the essence of the experience.

It was evident that the young people had grown not only in understanding much more about human beings’ ill treatment of others,but also gained skills in being able to tell their stories in front of many listeners.

There is also a blog and great photographs about the experiences of the young people by the film makers.

Read it here.

Also, you can download and read about the reflections of some of the participants here.

Becoming indirectly aware of this project reminded us of the transformative projects that Result CIC has been involved with working with impressive and committed young people. May this type of work continue and proliferate!

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