7 June 2018

Refugee Week Festival is coming to Manchester


Result CIC has had several rewarding opportunities to support recent immigrants and refugees in our work. Our 2016 partnership with Greater Manchester immigration Aid Unit saw us working with service users, volunteers and staff, providing 1 to 1 coaching and workshops, supporting better integration for refugees and developing the potential of all of the participants. 

Last year, Hormoz wrote about his experience as a former refugee to mark Refugee Week, and June marks its return.

Each year, Refugee Week celebrates the contribution made by displaced people across the world to society and, here in the UK, it takes the form of artistic, cultural and educational events.

Manchester’s HOME has a week-long festival to mark the celebration.

Refugee Week Festival will be screening films, running workshops and discussion, there’ll be live theatre, music and exhibitions.

And on Wednesday 20 June at 18:10 there’s also a special screening, Q&A and drinks reception for the new film The Workers Cup, organised by Human Rights Watch. This astonishing film tells the story of migrant workers inside the labour camps of Qatar who are building the facilities for the 2022 World Cup and the tournament which has started there - The Worker’s Cup. 

The evening will provide a fantastic opportunity for networking and celebration.

The festival will be of interest to several organisations who have worked with Result CIC and this promises to be a wonderful series of events.

For more information about the Festival, visit the HOME website and tickets for the special screening, Q&A and drinks reception of The Workers Cup can be booked here.

Result CIC is proud to support Refugee Week and here's a reminder of why:

'I have regained my identity. I have stopped putting barriers in front of me which stop me from going forward. I realised that I was creating some myself. I’ll always appreciate the coaching through my life.'
Mercy, former Asylum Seeker

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Result CIC works with charities and social enterprises to offer low cost coaching and training to inspire their clients to work on the beliefs which are stopping them going forward in life. Result CIC is dedicated to reaching members of the community who do not normally have the opportunity to receive such training and coaching.  

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