31 January 2019

Women of India: People Power


Photo by Vincent Pulikal

For me as a man having the opportunity to write about gender equality is a privilege. I have long admired the increased resilience and self-awareness that many women display in a world that is often against them. For some men this seems to have represented enough of a threat to justify them imposing their ways on women and other minorities.

I felt really inspired at the beginning of this month and therefore year, to hear about a ‘people power’ story which astounded me with its magnitude. So many people feel helpless about not being able to change things as an individual and often even in groups. This was exactly why this story was so inspiring by what it created and started achieving. The world could not possibly ignore it!

Imagine a line of 5 million (yes, million!) women (and men) coming peacefully together and liningup tocreate a 620km (that’s 385miles, to you non-metric folks!) human chain to make their point. Intrigued? Now read more about them here:

BBC News

(National Public Radio)

You see what I mean?! I suppose the reason I wanted to write about this is that we should really start believing that we can have control of, or influence, (major) change. The scale of this story is quite unbelievable but if we can create stronger networks who care about similar issues then this shows what could just possibly be achieved. I am aware that some of these networks already exist e.g. 38 degress, Avaaz etc. but we can go further.

Our work at Result CIC revolves around individuals examining their mindsets and actions which often leads on to empowerment. The knock-on effect however, is way beyond the self and can reach their communities and beyond. It’s harnessing this new-found power which is our hope in making a fragile world a better place to live.

NDA 2015 Power 100 iLM

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