27 February 2019

Young DaDaFest


Sometimes we receive requests to do something new. We really like this as it challenges us to be creative.

In 2018 DaDaFest, Deaf and disability arts, asked us if we could run a set of workshops for their young leaders’ group.

The aim of the workshops was to develop the young disabled participants’:

  • Self-confidence
  • Ability to change thoughts from negative to neutral or positive
  • Ability to make decisions in a group
  • Presentation skills in more formal situations.

We met the group 4 times.

In the first workshop we looked at

  • How we can shift our thoughts from negative to positive.
  • How we can change our ‘automatic’ response to other people’s language, which we may assume is negative towards us.

The group practised this using visual tools such as a ‘Stop’ sign, reminding them not to go into a downward spiral if they started to feel bad.

The participants encouraged each other really well. They talked about how easy it is to lose confidence.

At the second workshop we looked at:

  • Confident presentation skills – what great speakers do, including the body language they use. We looked at Barack Obama as a role model
  • A video of a learning disabled entrepreneur explaining his business
  • How to reach a decision in a group - and stick to it! 

The group practised choosing an item then ‘selling’ it to the group and explaining why it had chosen that item. (We all had a lot of fun with this!).

Workshop number 3 brought together all the ideas from the first two workshops. The group had to prepare a ‘live’ extended presentation to the charity’s Board, staff members and other guests. This session was about:

  • Deciding how they wanted to influence the audience
  • Working out creative ways to make an impact with their presentation

The group decided to prepare a Powerpoint presentation and to use a variety of presentation methods including some dance, and a specially written rap!

The final event in February 2019 was the group’s live presentation. This lasted about 40 minutes. We had a practice session beforehand where we checked:

  • Speakers’ position on the stage/lighting
  • Length of speeches (not too short, not too long!)
  • Management of the process (different speakers contributed)

The final presentation was really successful. The group invited questions and comments at the end. Feedback was very positive. Several people said how powerful the presentations had been, with clear messages. DaDaFest’s Marketing Manager, Pip Hackett said about the event, ‘The DaDaFest Young Leaders’ presentation was engaging, professional and insightful. It highlighted so many opportunities for how we can work more closely to enhance our marketing.’  

Thank you to DaDaFest, particularly Sam Wade and Tammy Reynolds, for this great opportunity.

We at Result CIC loved working with this group on what was a completely new programme. We learned a lot.

If you have a concept you would like to develop with us, let us know!

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