Haqeeq Bostan

Haqeeq Bostan

'My personal and professional commitment is to deliver inclusivity and equality. Getting involved with Result CIC offers me the unique opportunity to work with people who are committed and passionate about working with marginalised individuals. I want to be part of an organisiation that uses personal experience of disadvantage to help individuals achieve their potential and feel fulfilled. What is really important to me is that we think about and work with those people that don’t fit into neat boxes, have had difficult experiences, and are going to challenge our own assumptions and stereotypes. Result CIC challenges its self to work with those people often ignored by mainstream organisations, and that is a quality I admire and want to be associated with. I hope my involvement will help make difference and help Result CIC realise its vision of creating fairness, individual choice and unlocking potential to allow personal strength to thrive.'

Haqeeq is a creative and strategic leader with an in-depth understanding of how to mobilise the community to deliver lasting change for disabled people. He is driven to achieve quality outcomes and combines this with integrity and a strong sense of fun.  Born and raised in rural Pakistan, he contracted polio and became a wheelchair user from an early age. He is acutely aware of the inequality faced by disabled people across the world and he’s used his own experiences to build a more inclusive society and develop the capacity of disabled people. 

Professionally, Haqeeq was the Communications Director, at Capita plc, where he was part of a team of directors of a £300m disability assessment business.  Part of this role involved working closely with local communities to research the impact of benefit reform. Prior to that, as the Head of City Liaison at the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic, he was heavily involved in delivering a world class event that used the power of sport to inspire a generation. 

Policy and Research
As the Research and Parliamentary Affairs Director, at RADAR, he worked with the late Lord Ashley of Stoke and the All Party Disability Group and took a leading role in helping drive through the 2nd wave of UK disability equality legislation. This helped to widen the scope of those protected by disability law and importantly placed a positive duty on the public sector to promote disability equality. As an independent disability affairs consultant, he undertook research for a number of key UK bodies, including the Greater London Authority, Department of Work and Pensions and the Association of British Insurers. With the Disability Right Commission he led a number of projects to help education providers develop their disability equality plans. Specific work with higher education institutions included:  

  • Helping to indentify discriminatory practices and integrate equality.
  • Ensuring services are more appropriate to users
  • Helping to build a supportive working environment to increase productivity.
  • Using up to date equality information can lead to better decision-making and policy development. 

Leadership potential
Along with leading disability rights organisations he developed a programme to empower capable, confident disabled leaders in all sectors of employment and also address the need for greater equality in the workplace. The aim of the project was to improve the employment position of employees living with a health condition or disability, whilst providing employers with access to a wider pool of talent.

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Result CIC works with charities and social enterprises to offer low cost coaching and training to inspire their clients to work on the beliefs which are stopping them going forward in life. Result CIC is dedicated to reaching members of the community who do not normally have the opportunity to receive such training and coaching.  

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