29 September 2014

African Community Council for the Regions (ACCR) commissions a 'disability awareness' workshop in Birmingham


Earlier this month, Andy Hilton of Result CIC was asked to deliver a workshop to a group of delegates of ACCR, the African Community Council for the Regions, in Birmingham. The workshop was to provide an introduction to the main issues around “disability in the community and in the workplace”.

Eight delegates (plus the organising manager!) took part in lively discussions centred around key themes which were:

What does “disability” mean?
- Comparing the medical model to the social model of disability.
- Discrimination and stigma including the Equality Act 2010
- Disability at work including legal protection.

Feedback collected after the workshop was excellent with the statement “I would recommend this workshop to others” scoring an average of 4.9 out of 5.

When asked, “what was the best thing about the workshop”, the responses included:

- Seeing things from a different perspective.
- It was very informative.
- The enlightenment and reassurance that disabled people are normal.
- Learning about the medical and social model.

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